Friday, June 10th 7PM and Saturday, June 11th 7PM at Mount Dora Center for the Arts 138 E 5th Ave. Mount Dora, Florida 

Looking for high energy comedic actors to portray characters in an on-train 1930’s murder mystery. Talent will be portraying multiple roles during the production. Comedic acting and improvisational skills highly sought after.  Singing and dancing skills a plus. 
Bently: Male 20-30 years old. Master of Ceremonies and presenter at the “Gatsby Party Train”. 
Hobo:  Male 30-40 years old.  Homeless drifter type.
Lord Manny:  Male 40+ years old.  Greedy, self centered millionaire and business tycoon.
Lulu:  Female 20-30 years old.  Maid and personal nurse to Lord Manny.
Samantha: Female 30+ years old.  Very pompous and abrasive wife of Lord Manny.
Dr. Johny Bombay: Male 20+ years old.  Ex-pilot and personal physician to Lord Manny. 
Milly: Female 20-30 years old.   Spoiled daughter of Samantha and Lord Manny.
Larry Lombardo:  Male 20+ years old.  Italian gangster.
Old Gypsy:  Female 30+ years old.  And old Gypsy woman.
Sgt. Bimbles:  20+ years old.  Veteran beat cop looking for his big break.
Also looking for high energy actors to portray a group of misfit pirates in a Pirate Rum Train Show.  Comedic acting skills and the ability to lead large groups in a “sing along” a must. 
Captain-  Male 30+ years old.  Gregarious pirate captain and leader of the worst pirate crew to sail the seven seas.
First Mate-  Any gender and age.  Captain’s right hand man and the only pirate with any sense among the crew.  Very supersticious.
Cabin Boy-  Unofficial crew member who dreams of one day becoming a full fledged member of the crew.  The sourced of all the pirates mishaps.
All applicants will be asked to read from sides provided and to demonstrate singing ability if applicable.  If a singer, please provide a cd with 16 bars prepared for audition or be prepared to sing a song alcapella.

VOLUNTEER as a Character

Not interested in learning lines and going to rehearsals but still want to get involved and have fun? EMAIL US about character opportunities on our special excursions.