Ohio State University

Built by the Pullman Standard Company in 1948 for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a 10 Roomette-6 Double Bedroom Sleeper and numbered 1498. The car was later converted to an 84 seat coach/smoker car. After the Pennsylvania Railroad merged into the Penn Central, the car was renumbered 3240.

          The car was later sold to the Maryland Department of Transportation and renumbered 1414. While serving with the Maryland Area Rail Commuter (MARC) service the car was renumbered 105. Eventually the car was sold to the Southwest Georgia Railroad Excursion Authority, keeping the number 105. After a brief stint in Georgia, in 2013 the car was sold to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Most recently, it was acquired by Mid-America Railcar Leasing.

          Today, the car is lettered for Norfolk & Western and named “Ohio State University”. It was renumbered to 1498, it’s original Pennsylvania Railroad number, and presently runs on Florida-Georgia Steam Heritage Museum’s Georgia Coastal Railway (GCR) as part of their heritage train.