Silver Tureen

The Silver Tureen – CB&Q 202

1956 Budd built 48-Seat Diner for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy by the Budd Company on Job 9624-169, ordered in February 1955, delivered in October 1956. This order was for two dining cars for the CB&Q’s re-equipped Denver Zephyr, cars 201 Silver Chef, and 202 Silver Tureen. These two pastel paneled gleaming restaurants on wheels served rocky mountain trout dinners and french toast breakfasts to travelers en route from either Denver or Chicago. The Denver Zephyr was Burlington’s last entry into the overnight streamliner game, and was the flagship train until the advent of Amtrak in 1971.

Silver Tureen was subsequently sold to Amtrak, becoming their 8055 and receiving their busy 1970’s interior treatment. After the Heritage Fleet upgrades and conversion to HEP it was renumbered 8501. It was retired from Amtrak in 2007 and was been upgraded by Mid America Railcar Leasing for O&NW’s Royal Palm Rail Experience, and once again wore its original name and number in its role on the Royal Palm Dinner Train.

MRLX 202 Diner is currently owned by Mid America Rail Car Leasing and serves on The Georgia Coastal Railway in St. Marys, GA.
She began her life in 1956 CB&Q Railroad as a Diner.
Built by the Budd Company.
She was later aquired by Amtrak.