Catch a Rising Star!

Live Entertainment on The Georgia Coastal Railway. (This special entertainment is included with your ticket) While you’re on the train, walk over to the OPEN AIR CAR and check out live entertainers in track to be big stars in the music industry. Say you saw them when….!

Weather Permitting! Open Air cars are subject to the elements. It is at the full discretion of the entertainer to perform or not depending on conditions.

Nothin Fancy

June 10 3pm & 6pm

Nothin Fancy is a father/ daughter duo who love good times, good friends, and good music.

They offer a variety of genres and styles, a little something for everyone. Enjoy a family friendly show.  Everyone is welcome. 

Rebecka Moreno

New dates coming soon

Rebecka Moreno, 22 year old indie artist from Georgia, started off doing local gigs in her small town of St. Marys. She now enjoys playing anywhere she can around the Southeast. Rebecka released her first single ‘Me and You’ in 2021, and now proudly carries a discography of 5 singles, of which has over 8000 streams, with much more to come. Her original music reflects themes of indie-pop and melodic-alternative accompanied by lyrics that display a vivid narrative of adolescence ranging across all emotions and experiences. When playing live, she enjoys an intimate solo-acoustic style, with a mix of originals and well-loved favorites. Find her music streaming wherever you listen. 


Saturday, June 3rd - 3pm & 6pm | Saturday, July 1st - 3pm & 6pm

Gitlo is always ready to hit the road. His van is a self-contained unit that allows him to take off at a moment’s notice for gigs all over the country.  Gitlo has played everywhere from a command performance at the governor’s mansion to the smelliest honky tonk, juke joint the red clay ever coughed up. Just about every local musician has sat in with Gitlo to experience what some call the phenomenon of playing with him. But the gospel according to Gitlo remains clear in his world: “Everybody wants to play with me because I got that old time religion like Elvis or James Brown. Seeing him perform will doubtlessly convert you to Gitlo’s old-time, bluesded-in-the-wool ways. 

Christina Vukel

New dates coming soon

Christina Vukel plays guitar, keyboard and sings soft contemporary rock music  

Christina Vukel is a soulful singer, creating and mastering each of her songs with true passion. Her soothing voice and soulful delivery have garnered performances in renowned venues including The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Centre, Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, and the Breakfast Club Radio Show.

Saturday, May 27th - 3pm & 6pm

Violette Lani

Iris Andie

As writers and producers of their original songs, Violette Lani and Iris Andie push the limits through thought-provoking and
empowering lyrics that will have you hooked from the first line. Their live performances embody the perfect blend of 80’s, 90’s, and
modern acoustic-pop cover songs that are surely on your playlist.
There’s a good chance you’ve seen them perform at restaurants, festivals, or fundraisers around town and maybe even caught a few
of their videos on YouTube. Get to know these rising stars now and be touched by a lifetime of music.

And while this duo spends the majority of their time together in the studio and in live performances,
in true sibling fashion, they each have their own YouTube channels—be sure to check out both:

You can find Violette Lani at:

You can find Iris Andie at:


If You are talented and would like a chance to perform on our Open-Air Car, email us at