Pleasant Leadership Consulting Workshops

Experience a unique training session on the train!  Engage your mind or your staff with off site training on the train featured as a “Lunch ‘n Learn,” a business retreat segment, or as part of a team building activity. 

See what Dr. Pleasant can offer and choose what is right for you:

 Climb aboard the training express with Dr. Renee’ Pleasant for your featured workshop. Your team will board in historical downtown Kingsland, Georgia at the Kingsland Station. From the station, your crew will be riding the rails on one of America’s oldest privately-owned short-line railroads, courtesy of The Georgia Coastal Railway. 

*NOTE: Date and time are subject to train availability, as Pleasant Leadership Consulting is in partnership with the Georgia Coastal Railway for this service.*

Equipping Leaders

 “Great leaders create more leaders.” ~ Roy T. Bennett 

The goal of Pleasant Leadership Consulting is to remove daily obstacles from the pathway of small and medium-sized business leaders. Thus, allowing them inspired leadership freedom to pursue their visions and to crush their goals. At the same time, strengthening the leader-follower relationship which fosters harmony, positive culture, and productivity in the work environment. 
We do this by providing leaders assistive tools to pursue the organization’s vision while strengthening the relationship between their followers.  We work alongside leaders, equipping them with individual tools and services to meet their unique needs.

Dr. Renee Pleasant has over two decades of experience leading others. She now parlays that “boots on the ground” experience along with her academic credentials to support business leaders in equipping them with the needed tools to pursue their vision.  

Rent a Train Car

If you prefer to book a private train car for your own team building presentation, Contact us! *NOTE: Date and time are subject to train availability